Day 13: Huelva, Spain

On Saturday April 15, we arrived to our first Spanish port, Huelva. Huelva is in the South Western coast, on the Atlantic, not far from the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. Huelva  is just 90 kilometers (55 miles) from Seville, and many of the cruise tours headed that way. After all the walking we did in Lisbon, Miriam stayed on board, and I took the free, 15 minute shuttle to downtown Huelva. Although at sunrise, the weather and sky was beautiful, by 10AM it was cloudy, a little rain and even a little foggy.   Huelva is mostly a port, and being Sunday, just about everything was closed in town, so there was not much to see! Although the Tourist Information office was closed, in the interest of promoting good tourism, they setup a welcome table outside, and we were charmed with some delicious Jerez!