Home to Estes Park, CO

Sunday May 16, we drove to Amarillo for our first leg of our trip to Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming. We arrived at my sister’s in Amarillo with rain and lightning. A trip to Amarillo is not complete without some Taco Villa Combination Burritos! Shortly after eating I went to the Amarillo Supercharger to charge the car so we could leave in the morning heading to the new Superchargers in Clayton NM. They are located at Ranch Market where you can buy any last minute items you forgot at home!

From there on to Trinidad CO, where there is Wendy’s, then the new superchargers in Monument CO, located at a Kum ‘N Go (not sure whose idea it was to name it that way). Clean bathrooms and a good variety of foods and munchies. This was our last charge before we headed to Estes Park, passing Denver at 5pm under a torrent of rain. But we arrived safe and sound and was looking forward to our next 3 nights in Estes Park.